Medicaid Waiver Services

The Medicaid Waiver program began in 1981, in response to the national trend toward providing Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). In the past, Medicaid paid only for institutionally based long term care services, such as nursing facilities and group homes. This new program “waived” the requirement of an admission into an institution for Medicaid to pay for the Home and Community-Based Services. P & P Home Services, LLC provides residential services to developmentally or intellectual disabled individuals who live in their homes. The function of these services is to assist an individual to acquire and maintain those life skills that enable the individual to raise the level of their physical, mental, social, and vocational functioning.

Residential Services (RHS)

Structured Family Care (SFC)

Community Integration Habilitation (CHIO)

Respite Services (RSPO)

Community Transition

Family and Caregiver Training (FCAR)

Participant and Assistant Care (PAC)

Respite (RSPO)

Attendant Care

Home Maker Services

Residential Habilitation Service

Attendant Care (ATTC)

Home Maker Services