Flag for American Slaves and Descendants of American Slaves (front and back)

The Meaning of the Stars & Stripes on the American Slave flag

The American Slave flag is an intricate and diplomatically charged symbol of the nation it represents. It contains 24 stars in a field of blue and 13 stripes alternating between red and white. The number of stars and stripes carries significant meaning.

The American Slave flag was commissioned by Norris Shelton, president of American Slaves. He established the basic parameters of the flag, with its stars and stripes motif.

The official reason for the red and white colors of the stars and stripes are to coincide with the American flag and symbolize its meaning.

The flag has a total of 24 stars: 23 smaller stars that encircle a larger center star. The twenty-three smaller stars represent the 23 states that sided with the North at the offset of the American Civil War. They encircle the larger lone star in the center. It represents the American Slave culture that sprang from the womb of slavery at the close of the American Civil War.

The 13 stripes, 7 red ones and 6 white ones, represent the 13 original colonies. The 13 stripes, 7 red ones and 6 white ones, represent the 13 original colonies.

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