Residential Habilitation and Support Services

Residential Habilitation and Support Services provide up to a full day (24-hour basis) of services and supports which are designed to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the participant, and assist in the acquisition, improvement, and retention of skills necessary to support participants to live successfully in their own homes

Goal based service centered on assisting individuals achieve their maximum potential for ultimate independence

Available only through the Community Integration and Habilitation (C.I.H.) Waiver

Can be utilized for assistance with personal care, meals, medical appointments, obtaining and maintaining medications, shopping, errands, chores, leisure activities, and transportation

Can be provided in the individual’s home, family home, or in the community

Available in two levels based on approved budget: RH10= less than 35 hrs/week RH20= more than 35 hrs/week

Service can be provided by a primary caregiver or guardian provided that the waiver individual is 18 years of age, and that the services furnished to the individual do not exceed 40 hours per week by the primary caregiver or guardian