Participant Assistance and Care

Participant Assistance and Care Services support and enable the participant in activities of daily living, self-care, and mobility with the hands-on assistance, prompting, reminders, supervision and monitoring needed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the participant

Intended to be utilized to allow participants to remain and live successfully in their own homes, and function and participate in their community

Available only through the Family Support (F.S.) Waiver

Can be utilized for assistance with personal care, meals, shopping, errands, scheduling appointments, chores, leisure activities, assistance with mobility (transfers, ambulation, use of assistive devices), assistance with correspondence and bill paying, escorting to community activities and appointments, supervision and monitoring, reinforcement of BSP, adherence to risk plans, reinforcement of principles of health and safety, and completion of task lists

Service can be provided by a primary caregiver or guardian provided the waiver individual is over 18 years of age