Behavioral Support Services

Behavioral Support Services are provided as a means for training, supervision, or assistance in appropriate expression of emotions and desires, compliance, assertiveness, acquisition of socially appropriate behaviors, and the reduction of inappropriate behaviors

Intended to address needs identified in the person centered planning process and be outlined in the ISP as well as a developed BSP

Available through the Community Integration and Habilitation (C.I.H.) Waiver and the Family Support (F.S.) Waiver

Can be utilized for observation of the individual and environment for purposes of development of a plan to determine baseline, development of a support plan and revisions, training in assertiveness, stress reduction techniques, and acquisition of socially accepted behaviors, training of staff, family members, roommates, and other appropriate individuals on support plan implementation, and consultation with team members

Activities NOT allowed include aversive techniques (any technique not approved by the individual’s team or HRC), therapy provided in an educational or school setting as a component